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2597: SAPERE Level 3
28/09/2017, 29/09/2017, 30/09/2017
Northwood College for Girls
Maxwell Road

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Thursday 28th, Friday 29th and Saturday 30th September 2016

Course Programme coming soon.

This three-day course is designed for educators who want to develop a deep understanding of the philosophy behind P4C. Participants must have completed the Level 2B course (including analytic course report) or the old style Level 2 course (plus assignment), and have practised P4C regularly for at least 2 years.


Participants will engage critically with the educational and philosophical perspectives that underpin P4C, and develop the understanding of P4C necessary to facilitate advanced P4C enquiries.


How do I know when I’m ready for Level 3?


·      When you have had experience leading P4C in your school

·      When you want to understand the philosophy behind P4C to progress further

·      If you are considering the possibility of becoming a SAPERE trainer. You will be able to apply for progression to the SAPERE trainer pathway, subject to interview


Completion of the Level 3 course and post-course assignment will qualify you for a P4C Advanced Facilitator certificate



The cost per person is £500.00. Please note that the course is non-residential. However, there are a number accommodation options nearby..



Call SAPERE on 01865 408333 to enquire about Level 3 training

Thank you for your interest in this course, however, it is now fully booked.

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