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Alison Barne

Alison Barne is a teacher at St Nicholas Primary School in Oxford and joined the trustees in February 2012.

Daniel Baltzer

Daniel Baltzer is RSM 2020 Campaign Leader at Rotterdam School of Management at the Erasmus University, The Netherlands. With a background in farming, science journal publishing, children's charity work and philosophy Daniel has developed a passion for sustainability on the basis of the most integrated approach. It is Daniel's role to seek out, establish and maintain the most fruitful relationships between the researchers at and affiliated to the Smith School and decision makers in private / public and commercial / non-commercial enterprises globally. Daniel's passion in philosophy is in political philosophy with an emphasis on philosophically underpinning the establishment of a new and functioning model for the western democracy. Most relevant to all of these challenges are critical, creative, caring and collaborative thinking and acting. To SAPERE Daniel strives to contribute at least a little bit of each.

Rekha Bhakoo

Rekha Bhakoo CBE, has been a Headteacher for 22 years. She is currently the Headteacher of Newton Farm Nursery, Infant and Junior School, Which is a National Support School. She has been an Executive Head and has served as a Non-Executive member on the TDA Board (2010-2012) and also works as a National Leader of Education.
She supports newly appointed Headteachers via her role as a Professional Partner. Rekha is also a registered OFSTED Inspector. She has been involved in SEN Government Advisory Board for the SEN Code of Practice as well as being a lead Pathfinder for Workload Reform. Rekha was awarded the CBE for her services to education.

Adrian Bruce (Treasurer)

Adrian qualified as a Chartered Accountant in practice but has spent most of his career in retail, working for a number of large nationwide retailers. He has wide financial and leadership experience in financial control and reporting, planning, investment, treasury and corporate re-structuring.

Jeannie Cohen (Secretary)

Jeannie Cohen read Mods and Greats at Oxford, graduating in 1978. She trained as a teacher and youth worker and spent 9 years working in the special needs department of her local comprehensive school, where the question 'why do some children find learning easy and others not?' became so compelling that she determined to find out.

Rod Cunningham

I have worked as a mathematics educator for over 30 years (first as a secondary teacher and then as an adviser) during which time I trialled problem solving and diagnostic approaches in mathematics and science including CAME (Cognitive Acceleration through Maths Education) and First Steps Mathematics. I have been facilitating P4C for six years and in that time have completed courses and requirements to become a P4C trainer and have recently co-authored a chapter in the book ‘Philosophy for Children Across the Secondary Curriculum’. I have also utilised a range of facilitation models with community groups (transition town Abergavenny) working on sustainability issues.A key aim of mine is to promote a model whereby year 7 form teachers train with teachers from years 5 and 6 in their feeder primaries. The proposed outcome is that P4C will become an integral part of the education of 5 to 18 year olds in the cluster of schools. My interest is in longer term associations with schools and community groups so that facilitation of P4C is supported and, over time, becomes embedded in the organization. My website contains further information.

Elizabeth Jones (Chair)

Liz Jones read classics and philosophy at King’s College, Cambridge, before switching to law and becoming a barrister. She took silk in 2000, and also qualified as a mediator in 1999. She now combines a busy litigation and mediation practice. 

Liz also has a long term interest in education and how it helps or mars the development of children, and became interested in the idea of education through discussion, which has much in common with both the practice of law and the process of mediation. She has done the first level of training through SAPERE and hopes to find time to do more.

Nikki Perry

I have 23 years' experience teaching language in secondary schools, latterly managing a large department. Since leaving school to work in large Local Authority I have experience of project management, managing change by implementing DCSF strategies and working as a child protection trainer.

Catrin Rees

Catrin has worked for many years at the BBC and brings extensive experience in social media and technology.

George MacDonald Ross (President)

George MacDonald Ross retired as Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Leeds in 2009. In 1984, he was founding Chair of the National Committee for Philosophy, which promoted the study of philosophy at all levels, and from 2000, he was Director of the Subject Centre for Philosophical and Religious Studies of the Higher Education Academy. In 2004, he was given an Award of Merit by the American Association of Philosophy Teachers, and in 2006, he was awarded a National Teaching Fellowship for his leadership in the learning and teaching of philosophy. 

He was Honorary President of SAPERE in its early years, and he has always promoted the teaching of philosophy in schools. He has published a number of relevant articles, such as ‘Socrates versus Plato: the Origins and Development of Socratic Thinking’, Aspects of Education 49, 1993, 9–22; reprinted in Thinking: The Journal of Philosophy for Children 12/4, 1996, 2–8; and ‘Philosophy in Schools’, and ‘Philosophy in Schools: A Reply to Jonathan and Blake’, Journal of the Philosophy of Education, Vol. 22, No. 2, 1988, 207–219, 229–238. More recently, he was co-author of Doing Philosophy (Continuum, 2007), which is a guide to the study of philosophy at school and at university.

Kit Thorne

Kit is currently Principal Adviser Development in Sheffield Local Authority, responsible for commissioning, brokering and coordinating CPD provision for all schools and settings in the City. The CPD provision focuses on quality first teaching and excellence in leadership. 

He has worked in Oldham and Leicestershire as an adviser, and trained initially as a teacher of French and German, working subsequently in North Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Leicestershire schools. Since 2001, under the school improvement project banner in Oldham and now in Sheffield, Kit has been responsible for helping schools to engage with P4C. He is a SAPERE registered Level 1 trainer.